Area Cities Watch as Water Levels Rise

Cities such as Britt, Garner, Corwith, and Kanawha are watching as water levels increase around rivers and streams, and on local primary and secondary roads. U. S. 18 between Britt and Garner was closed by the Iowa Department of Transportation for a time because of water covering the roadways. Secondary roads in the area are not fairing much better. West Hancock Community Schools announced on Wednesday that they would only be taking busses on hard surfaced roads. This after a bus in Osage carrying 10 students slid off the road and ended up underneath a pole. Other school districts such as Forest City and Lake Mills followed suit yesterday pulling busses off secondary road routes.

Runoff water in Britt has filled the ditches just outside of Britt and along James Avenue heading towards Kanawha.

A golf car dealership near Britt is seeing some encroaching water.

Fields are also experiencing some flooding as drainage systems try to clear the melting runoff.

A field in between Britt and Garner filled with water from melting snow.

James Avenue between Britt and Kanawha has been closed due to the unsafe driving conditions.

The north end of the incomplete portion of James Avenue

In Kanawha, the river and streams are now at capacity according to KIOW’s Roger Tveiten.

Emergency Management officials are warning everyone not to take secondary roads due to the condition of the streets. Water logged roads are becoming a hazard and could lead to persons getting stranded or ending up in ditches. Use caution while driving even on primary roads because of the fast melting snow and rain the area is receiving.

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