Secondary Roads Becoming a Problem As Local Schools Move to Blacktop Driving Only

With the recent snow melt off, warmer temperatures, and the rains throughout the week, problems are beginning to develop on some area secondary roads. The structure of the road is becoming too soft and not allowing heavy vehicles such as busses and farm machinery to travel on them. Already school districts are pulling their busses off of the secondary roads and traveling only on hard surfaces.

West Hancock Community Schools have decided to run on hard surfaces only. Bus drivers will contact country route families for pick up and drop off locations and approximate times. Belmond-Klemme Community Schools have also decided to run on hard surfaces and parents can contact the district for new pick up and drop off sites. Forest City Community Schools and Lake Mills Community Schools will begin driving on on hard surfaces beginning Thursday. The actions by the districts come after a school bus with 10 students on board went into a roadside ditch on an icy gravel road southwest of Osage.

The Iowa State Patrol said one person was taken to the hospital as a precaution after Wednesday morning’s accident. The names of those involved in the accident has not been released. A power pole was reported to have been sitting on top of the bus and the firetruck could not drive on the icy wet road.

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