Garner City Council to Discuss Marijuana Sales Tonight

The Garner City Council will meet this evening beginning at 7pm to discuss a number of issues before the city. The first of these is the Highway 18 Trail Project. the council will review engineering proposals for the design and construction engineering of the trail project. It is proposed to be built on the north side of Highway 18 from State Street to Country Club Drive. The council will discuss Resolution 2019-15 which awards the professional service contract for the project.

Another walking pathway item to be addressed is the 2019 Sidewalk Program. Resolution 2019-19 authorizes  the improvement program that will construct new sidewalks on West 8th Street from Division Street to Highway 69. The resolution may face passage tonight.

The council will also look at a project designed to relieve flooding possibilities. The Allen Avenue Drainage Project is incorporated into Resolution 2019-16 which first sets a professional service contract into place with the engineering firm of Veenstra and Kimm Incorporated. The firm is expected to head up the design and construction engineering for the project. If that resolution is passed, the council may opt to vote on Resolution 2019-18 which authorizes the program as a whole.

The council is also faced with having to get ahead of curve when it comes to marijuana sales. Ordinance 445, Chapter 127 of the City Code may have to be amended in order allow for marijuana sales in a specific part of the city. If the legalized selling of marijuana is passed at the state level, council members and city officials want to allow for sales in the industrial district of the city and not downtown. With families and young children downtown and not in the district, the general consensus is that marijuana sales would be in an area that is away from families on off the downtown area of Garner.

The meeting will take place at the Garner City Hall.

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