Spring Flooding May Become Serious Say Experts

More reports are trickling in which predict Iowa could face a serious flooding problem this spring. The U-S Army Corps of Engineers is the latest agency to issue a warning about the potential for “major-level” flooding, based on the snowpack in the Rocky Mountains. Kevin Low, a hydrologist with the Missouri Basin River Forecast Center, offers this update.

While the mountain snowpack may only be slightly above normal, there’s a lot of snow on the ground across the region which will soon melt as well. Low says the Corps of Engineers is putting out a series of long-range flood outlooks for the upcoming three months.

The river that comprises the border between Iowa and Nebraska may also soon experience a level boost.

Low says localized flooding due to ice jams is also possible over the next few weeks. Locally, eyes this spring are on the Winnebago River in Forest City near the Pammel Park area, alongside Mason City, and areas further east and south. The Iowa River may present a problem between the Klemme, Goodell, and Belmond areas as ice flows and water from adjoining streams pours into the river basin.

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