Area Hit with Rain, Sleet, and Brief Heavy Snow

A storm bringing a mixed bag of heavy, wet snow, along with rain and sleet hit the area, but it was not as severe as expected. The Forest City area was hit with more rain than snow. At most, about two inches of snow fell in certain areas while others received less than an inch. Road crews were able to get out around in the afternoon to maintain essential roads and work on secondary streets.

Road crews in Forest City and other cities were able to clear away snow from city street drains in order to allow water from the melt off and from the storm to flow into the sewers. Crews had also prepared essential roadways to make clearing easier.

The National Weather Service had initially predicted 4 to 6 inches of snow would fall in the area, but quickly downgraded the prediction on Saturday afternoon to 2 inches or less due to the amount of rain received.

Snow and rain made travel hazardous Saturday in the Dakotas and Minnesota, some of which was due to street flooding.

The National Weather Service issued winter storm watches and warnings for a wide swath of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and several counties in western Wisconsin with predictions of up to a foot of snow in some areas.

No travel was advised in south central and southeastern North Dakota due to heavy snow creating slippery road conditions and near zero visibility. A similar advisory was issued in South Dakota for Interstate 90 from Chamberlain to Rapid City.

Only an inch and a half of snow fell in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but it was preceded by a half inch of rain that produced flooded streets and caused cars to slide into ditches or become stuck. Streets were also flooded in Fairmount, Minnesota, because of clogged storm drains.

The Weather Service downgraded its prediction for snow in the Minneapolis area to 4 to 6 inches because there was more rain and sleet than expected.

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