Area Cities Warn Residents About Unshoveled Sidewalks

With the potential for heavy snowfall today and into Sunday, area municipalities are urging their residents to shovel their sidewalks after the storm has left the area. Some locations are reporting that some sidewalks remain untouched from the previous storm. Cities such as Forest City and Belmond have ordinances on the books that give the city the right to fine residents who do not clean their sidewalks. This varies from town to town. Forest City has a set fee and Belmond will charge $60.

The cities will get a list from the post office or from city crews. Typically, residents have 24 hours after the conclusion of the storm to clear their sidewalks. the reason for the ordinances is a simple one. In the case of a medical or police emergency, or for the effective delivery of mail, a sidewalk must cleared to give access for officials from the respective departments to the front door of the home in question.

Area officials will be watching in select towns for the sidewalks that are not cleared.

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