King Defends 2nd Amendment Rights Against Assault from Pelosi’s Democrats

Congressman Steve King releases this statement following his vote today against H.R. 8,  a resolution introduced by House Democrats that seeks to place unconstitutional restrictions on the God-given, 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms enshrined for all Americans in our Constitution. H.R. 8 passed the House of Representatives on a 240-190 vote, with Congressman King voting against the legislation.

“I oppose Speaker Pelosi’s attempt to infringe on the God-given, 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms contained within our Constitution. H.R. 8 is a legislative assault on our Constitution that reveals two fundamental truths about Pelosi’s Democrats: they will stop at nothing to take our guns away, and they are complete hypocrites when they talk about the importance of Constitutional governance. Yesterday, Pelosi’s Democrats sought to block President Trump’s efforts to build a wall by invoking fraudulent Constitutional claims against the President’s National Emergency declaration. Today, in order to advance their unconstitutional gun control policies, these same liberal Democrats are completely ignoring the well-established Constitutional protections that Americans enjoy under the 2nd Amendment. If H.R. 8 ever gets to President Trump’s desk, I will certainly encourage him to veto it.”


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