Hancock County Board Has a Full Day of Meetings

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will be discussing drainage and budget issues today when they meet in the Hancock County Courthouse in Garner at 9am. The board will begin with a public hearing on the budget for fiscal year 2019-20 at 9:15am. This will be followed by resolutions approving the Compensation Board recommendations for elected officials for the same fiscal year. The board is expected to adopt the budget along with a resolution to declare committed funds for the same fiscal year.

At 9:45am, the board will hold another public hearing on the matrix scoring for two new 2,500 head deep pit swine finisher confinement buildings. The facility will be located in section 13 of the Amsterdam Township. The facility is part of the Maple Field Pork LLC who will be applying for a construction permit to build the facility.

Drainage will then be the topics of conversation. The board will discuss splitting the engineering fees for work done on Drainage District 177. The board will then discuss plans and specifications for Drainage District 100. Afterwards, the board is expected to set a date and time for the opening of bids and the awarding of the contract.

Drainage District 1 and 2 South Main will also be reviewed. The board is expected to sign a letter to the landowners in the district followed by a hearing on the report by appraisers for an open ditch right-of-way. That hearing has been moved to the Basement Meeting Room of the Law Enforcement Center to accommodate the residents of the district. The hearing will include a report by appraisers concerning the district.

At 7pm, the board is expected to meet with the cities of Hancock County to discuss a proposed 28E Agreement regarding the Hancock County Emergency Communication Center. That meeting will take place in the basement of the Law Enforcement Center in the county courthouse.

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