Hotels See More Business as Roads Remain Closed. Schools Are Out Monday

Even though the storm has now passed, several area roads are reported closed while crews work to clear the heavy snow and drifts. Travel is highly discouraged tonight while crews are out on the roads. Forest City and Belmond have declared snow emergencies or events. Overnight parking in Forest City must be done in the parking lot on the corner of 6th and K Streets between 2am and 6am while city streets are cleared. All cars must be off of the streets and into driveways or the designated lot during this time.

In Belmond, all cars must be off of the city streets while the roads are completely cleared. Other cities such as Britt, Garner, Lake Mills, Buffalo Center, Thompson, Clarion, Klemme, and Goodell are asking the same of their citizens tonight.

Area schools have all cancelled for tomorrow. Cancellations began pouring in around 3pm as districts recognized not only the poor road conditions, but the below zero temperatures and wind chills. Schools are expected to resume classes on Tuesday. Several other area manufacturing plants and businesses will be opening late on Monday with most beginning or opening around 10am.

In Clear Lake, Mason City, and Garner, stranded travelers and truckers are finding shelter overnight in local hotels. That’s because I-35 remains closed and will be overnight.

Highway 18 just west of Corwith. Courtesy Iowa DOT.

Other highways impacted by the storm are Highway 17 from Highway 18 south to Highway 3. This effects the towns of Corwith and Renwick. The highway is closed until road crews can remove the snow and lessen the impacts of drifts that continually form on the highway.

Highway 69 north of Klemme. Courtesy Iowa DOT.


Highway 69 is closed from Belmond up to the Minnesota border. The road is blocked with heavy drifting snow that crews are trying to remove and minimize the effect of new drifting snow.

Highway 18 has opened but travel is highly discouraged. A small section surrounding 1-35 is closed and will probably remain so until Monday morning.

Highway 9 just west of Manly. Courtesy of the Iowa DOT.

Highway 9 is open all the way to Highway 69, but again travel is highly discouraged. The highway closes again near Manly heading east because of the heavy snow drifts and covered road.

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