The Search is on for a New Winn-Worth Betco Director

The Winnebago and Worth County Boards of Supervisors are once again in search of a new Executive Director for the Winnebago-Worth Betterment Corporation or Winn-Worth BETCO. The search resumes after three months when Warren Wortham held the post. However, Wortham resigned on January 24th for a number of reasons. One of the biggest reasons was the long daily commute. He was hired out of Cedar Rapids and had not relocated to the area. This made office hours problematic.

Winn-Worth BETCO is an organization that strives to bring business and industry into the two counties. It also addresses bringing additional commerce into the area. For that, the two supervisory boards need someone not only familiar with the area, but someone who can effectively promote the two counties even during after hours events where prospective business and industry leaders may be.

The two counties along with the executive board for Winn Worth BETCO worked in tandem with the Community and Economic Development Association in Minnesota to hire Wortham. Now the supervisors feel that the hiring process will be done locally.

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