King Statement on National Emergency Declaration for Border Security

Congressman Steve King releases this statement following the announcement that President Donald Trump will be declaring a National Emergency to address the national security and humanitarian crisis on our border with Mexico that has been caused by years of virtually unchecked illegal immigration.

“I have been asking the President to declare a National Emergency to address border security for months, and I support his doing so today. President Trump is on solid Constitutional ground, and I hope he uses this authority to build all of the wall that’s needed, which means extending it until illegal aliens stop going around the end. Americans understand that if a 2,000 mile wall facilitated illegal immigration, Democrats would be clamoring for a National Emergency of their own to build it.

In fact, the government shutdown allowed the President to show the American public that the Democrats just cannot be trusted to place the security interests of the American public over Democrats’ political interests in an open borders agenda which places the desires of illegal aliens above the needs and wishes of the American people. The conference report that was produced in the wake of the shutdown is woefully insufficient to begin to address our border security needs, just as the Democrats who helped draft it wanted and ensured.”

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