King: “Ensuring access to high quality water in Iowa’s rural areas is a top priority.”

Congressman Steve King releases the following photos and statement after a series of meetings he held in his Washington, D.C. office today with representatives of the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System and the Iowa Rural Water Association.

Today’s meetings were designed to focus on each organization’s federal legislative priorities for this session of Congress. A key topic of discussion in the meetings involved pursuing policies that will both increase access to water in Rural Iowa while also safeguarding the water’s overall quality.

“Our district includes many rural communities that have an increasing need for high quality water, and ensuring access to this water in Iowa’s rural areas is a top priority for me,” said King. “I recently helped secure an increase in 2018-19 funding for the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System, and I will continue to work to ensure federal funds are available that will allow Lewis & Clark to continue to expand its delivery capacity. Further, because water quality is important, I agree with the Iowa Rural Water Association on the need for more USDA/EPA inspectors who can test the water as it is drawn from the wells.”

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