Best Use of Committee Time? King Highlights Personal Meetings with Constituents

 One positive aspect of Representative Steve King’s new schedule in the 116th Congress is that it has freed Congressman King from attending hearings organized and run by liberal Speaker Pelosi’s handpicked House Democrats. Many of these upcoming hearings will be designed to do little more than promote the Democrat’s unpopular “Never Trump” agenda according to King’s staff.

The Congressman’s ability to personally meet with, hear directly from, and quickly intervene on behalf of Iowans who have made the trip to Washington D.C. to discuss their important concerns has been strengthened by recent events. Congressman King was able to meet personally with individuals representing the Iowa Bankers Association, the Iowa Postmasters, the Iowa Association of School Boards, and Duane Pitcher, Director of Finance for the City of Ames during time that would previously have been unavailable due to today’s scheduled committee activity.

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