A “Snow Day” Will Soon Be “No Day” Off For Forest City Students

For those who can remember, a snow day meant no school, but times and technology have changed. Forest City Community Schools are going to be testing an online program that may save the district having to tack on more school at the end of the school year due to snow days. After January 31st, the district will trial balloon an “e-learning day”, meaning that students will work on assignments through an online learning platform. If successful, through feedback and other means, the program may be more broadly applicable.

Superintendent Darwin Lehmann gave an example of how the program would work.

The district will analyze the data coming back from the pilot program. They will then get an idea as to the success rate of the program based on participation and engagement.

The concept captures the modern trend of youth being engaged in video platforms such as gaming, texting, online computing, among others. The idea of using technology to teach is nothing new considering collegiate online education and it’s significant growth over the years. For Lehmann, using it at the Kindergarten through 12th grade seems a natural fit.

As far as the materials to be covered during an e-learning day, that would depend on where the students are in the materials they are learning from, with a few exceptions.

The program may be able to measure increased individual success among some students who excel in an individualized approach to learning, but don’t fare as well in a group atmosphere.






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