Gas Prices May Be On the Rise Again

We’re only a little over a month into winter and gasoline prices in Iowa are starting to gradually climb again. Nick Jarmusz, a spokesman for Triple-A-Iowa, says it’s elementary economics, as supplies start to be squeezed and demand begins to rise, prices will go up.

A few weeks ago, some Iowa gas stations were offering self-serve unleaded at prices in the $1.90’s, but most are now over the $2 mark.

Recent political upheavals in the South American country of Venezuela may also be a factor in the gas prices in Iowa.

Gas prices in Iowa are averaging $2.07 a gallon statewide, which is about 20-cents below the national average and 50-cents lower than the state average a year ago. Iowa’s most expensive gas is in Dubuque at $2.18 a gallon while the cheapest gas is in Sioux City at $1.98.

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