Dr. Dale to Speak at the Lake Mills All-Sports Booster Club

The Lake Mills Athletic Department and the Lake Mills All-Sports Booster Club have secured Gregory Dale, PhD, from Duke University to speak March 7 at our parent-athlete meeting, via video feed from Cameron Indoor Arena.

We have also secured him for an in-service day with coaches, athletes and parents on August 14.  He will do 60-90 minutes with kids, 3-4 hours with coaches, and 60-75 minutes with parents.  That evening we plan to do a social meet and greet to conclude the day.

Dr. Dale is the Director of Sports Psychology and Leadership Programs at Duke University.  He provides consultations for individual athletes, coaches and staff members.  In addition, he provides team building services for athletic teams and other units within the athletic department.  In his leadership role, Dr. Dale provides leadership training for athletes, coaches and administrators within the department.  He is also a professor of sports psychology and sports ethics in the Department of Health, Wellness and Physical Education.  He has published 5 books on the subject and has 14 educational videos on these topics.  He is also featured in the feature length documentary WINNING.  

His primary focus is on leadership, performance, and team culture as it applies to education, business and sports.  His programming targets organizations where he works with teachers, coaches, administrators, students and parents.  His passion is for helping teachers, coaches and parents create an environment where children can be most successful.   

Some of his clients include:

IBM, VF Corp, The World Bank, Pfizer, Habitat for Humanity International, Northwest Mutual and many more. 

He is a member of the National Executive Boards for:

The Positive Coaching Alliance

Pro Football Hall of Fame Game for Life Foundation

United State Lacrosse Coaches Association

He is also a member of the Sports Psychology Staff for USA Track and Field.

He has also been featured on Good Morning America, ESPN, MSNBC, Court TV as well as numerous national radio programs.  

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