Belmond Dog Park Plans Move Forward with Fund Raisers

Dog owners in Belmond are closer to having a dog park put into place. Donations are coming in to fund the construction of the park which will not involve any city money. The project is soley being funded through donations from area businesses and residents. The planning of the project is complete and will include two enclosures. One is for large dogs and the other for small. Six foot chain link fences will enclose the park and separate the two size sets of dogs. Plans also call for drinking fountains for both humans and canines, park benches, bag receptacles, garbage cans, and other amenities.

Land has already been donated by Max Yield Coop who gave a 1.5 acres tract along 5th Street NE. Now money is being raised through a puppy basket giveaway that has all kinds of dog toys and treats.  A Pampered Pets gift certificate worth $60 is also being raffled off. Schwans Cares is also doing a fund raiser. Anyone who orders online can have a percentage of their purchase given to the project. Still other events are also being planned. Donations may also be dropped off at the Belmond City Hall.


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