Radon Action Month is Winding Down

The danger of radon gas in our homes - concept illustration

North Iowa residents are reminded to check for radon gasses in your home during this time of extreme cold. January is Radon Action Month and it is designed to remind everyone about the dangers of radon gasses. For non-smokers, radon is the leading cause for cancer. About 2,900 deaths occur to those who have never smoked. For smokers, an estimated 160,000 deaths have occurred. Those numbers increase when smoking is combined with radon gas.

Radon gasses come from uranium in the ground and Iowa is replant with it. As the uranium deteriorates underground, it releases radon gas which creeps up through the soil and into the air. In the case of homes, it comes up through the basement and is trapped inside the home.

According to Winnebago County Sanitarian Ron Kvale, there is a way to test for the gas.

The kit includes a charcoal tester that traps the gas which you would leave in the room where you frequent in.

If the tests are positive, Kvale can get you in touch with contractors who can remove the gas from your home or business.

Those who should or want to test their homes, should contact Kvale to purchase the kits and the free testing.