Forest City YMCA Continues to Expand Possibilities in Childcare

Parents continue to struggle to find quality child care while they go to work. Even as the job market sees record low unemployment numbers in Iowa, here in Forest City, the need for child care increases as a result. The Forest City YMCA continues to try and resolve this issue. Bruce Mielke, Forest City YMCA Director says they are working hard to help.

Parents and guardians may be concerned about costs. Those who are working hard and just barely making ends meet may need child care as much as those who may have a little more income. According to Mielke, there is help for those with tight budgets.

Parents and guardians also want a return for their child when in daycare. The partnership between the school district and the YMCA becomes invaluable when it comes to the opportunities for learning.

Those who are interested in learning more about the Forest City YMCA Daycare program should call (641) 585-5220.

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