Worth County Board to Meet Today

The Worth County Board of Supervisors will meet this morning beginning at 9am with a discussion on secondary roads. The board will hear about any issues with the roads before possibly approving the plans on a paving project on Thrush Avenue. Mike Bode will then discuss the Weed Commissioners’ Hydro Seeder WCDA Grant proposal.

Drainage will also be discussed as the board will hear reports on Drainage District 3 Lateral 2. Drainage District 2’s reclassification project will also be discussed and possibly approved. A report will also be given on the Drainage District 21 West Main which was recently awarded for work.

Jim Oulman will approach the board seeking money for the Winnebago County Heritage Park. Oulman has already approached other counties including Winnebago County for a budget request.

Worth County continues to discuss its future with the County Social Services Mental Health Region. The county along with neighboring counties like Winnebago are still searching options on becoming their own mental health district and keeping local property tax dollars in the area.

The meeting will take place at the Worth County Courthouse in Northwood.

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