Hancock County Proposes 28E Agreement to Cities for Dispatching Services

Dial 911 text on side of a police car

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors has issued a counter proposal of a new 28E Agreement regarding city cost distribution for emergency dispatch services provided by the Hancock County Communication Center.

Recently the cities within Hancock County formed a 28E Agreement of their own that they presented to the Hancock County Board of Supervisors, which stated the cities of under 500 in population should be assessed to pay 15 percent of the communication center’s annual budgeted expenses times the city’s percentage of county population, and the cities with populations over 501 should be assessed at 25 percent.  It also stated in said agreement that the Hancock County Communication Center shall remain at 885 State Street in Garner.

The county’s counter proposal is 15 percent for cities under 500 in population and 20 percent for cities 500 or above. The county also proposes that the comm center be located at the Hancock County Public Safety Center, leaving open the possibility of building a new facility down the road. Supervisor Tlach discusses the option.

In addition, the county added an enforcement of agreement clause to the contract that states upon default of payment, the county shall terminate law enforcement services for non-life-threatening calls and said calls shall be forwarded to the mayor of the defaulting city.  Tlach explains how this will work.

After 6 months of continued default status by a city, the county may terminate all dispatching services to the city.