Area Police Officer Positions Becoming Harder to Fill

Local law enforcement agencies are facing a growing problem. The inability to hire candidates from a large pool of prospects. The pool is getting smaller. This is becoming a trend found throughout the state. Roxann Ryann is the Commissioner for Iowa Public Safety. She says she is hearing about the problem from a number of local and county law enforcement agencies.

In Forest City, Police Chief Thomas Montgomery is echoing the same sentiment. His department is seeing a decrease in applications for those who want to get into the profession.

Most prosecutions rely on the cameras both on the dash of the patrol car and on the police officer. The cameras help in proving that the actions of the officer, the gathering of evidence in the case, and the arrest of the suspect were handled properly. Increasingly though, that video evidence, no matter how compelling, can be turned against the officer. Montgomery says that may cause some to rethink a career in law enforcement.

Another factor is that many who would be ideal candidates in a rural setting, choose to go to a metropolitan department instead, because they are more active and involved.