Resolutions Get a Good Start at the Forest City YMCA

People are trying to follow through with the age old resolution of losing weight, looking leaner, or trying to get back to that youthful fitness level. Many area residents try to get there, but have little motivation, drive, or will power after that first sit up or push up. Still others try a more motivated approach and go to the Forest City YMCA to follow through with that resolution. Tony Reynolds, Director of Programs at the YMCA says they’re seeing an increase in those resolution attempts.

The YMCA offers a number of ways to stay engaged and follow through with that resolution.

While remaining in contact is critical to the success of the individual at the YMCA, there are other important aspects, tools, and programs to help keep the individual resolute.

For a few, working out alone is good, but only for those who are strongly self motivated. Otherwise the group setting is best, even for those who may be a little shy or afraid of a group workout setting. The reasons are many.

The YMCA continues to take new memberships at (641) 585-5220.