Kanawha City Council to Meet Wednesday

The Kanawha City Council will meet on Wednesday beginning at 6pm in the Kanawha City Hall. The board will review and possibly approve minutes, the clerk’s report, and the payment of bills. They will then hear the Police Chiefs Report on police activity since the las meeting. After establishing a depository, official publication, and making various re-appointments, the council will discuss the installation of cameras which will be down Main Street and looking into the city parks. The cameras are already purchased and will be put into place pending city approval.

There has been a revision to the proposed 28E Sharing Agreement between the cities and Hancock County regarding dispatching services. Originally, cities like Kanawha would have had to pay 25% in a shared agreement with the county for dispatching services. A counteroffer has been proposed, lowering that to 20%, or $83,360. The city will discuss the changes and see if this new proposal is viable for the city.