Hancock County Officials could see 4.5 Percent Wage Increase

The Hancock County Compensation Board believes its county’s elected officials deserve a 4.5 percent wage increase for the next budget year.

Six board members from around the county met Wednesday with the Hancock County Attorney, Sheriff, Recorder, Treasurer, and Auditor, as well as the 3 county Supervisors.  All elected officials presented the board with an overview of their responsibilities, highlights from the previous year and upcoming challenges they foresee in 2019 and 2020.

The Hancock County Compensation Board members are nominated by county officials to assess the workload of each department and how that impacts salaries for the next fiscal year. To assist in the decision making, the board also reviews data from the consumer price index as well as recommendations from other county comp boards in Iowa. Average reported wage increase recommendations are between 4 to 5 percent throughout the state.

Hancock County Compensation Board Chairman Dan Kadrlik explains the process involved in making these recommendations.

The Hancock County Compensation Board’s recommendations are as follows: County Supervisors – an increase from $34,812 to $36,379; Auditor – an increase from $62,857 to $65,686; Recorder – an increase from $62,080 to $64,874; Treasurer – an increase from $62,598 to $65,415; Sheriff – an increase from $83,955 to $87,733; and Attorney – an increase from $101,561 to $106,131.

The Hancock County Supervisors, when they approve the next fiscal year budget, can choose to either adopt, reduce or reject the compensation board’s recommendation of a 4.5 percent wage increase.