Upgrades Scheduled for Area Wind Turbine Energy Centers

A 100-turbine wind energy center in Hancock and Winnebago Counties are getting an upgrade. The NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, briefed the Hancock County Board of Supervisors about the project on Monday last week.

Company officials say the project should generate more renewable energy over an extended period, which also extends the period they’ll generate payments to landowners and tax benefits.

The upgrades are scheduled to start in January and be completed by May.

The project comes more than 10 years after the first Crystal Lake Wind Energy site was completed in Hancock County.

A site in Winnebago County is also scheduled to get upgrades. Company officials are working with General Electric to integrate new technology, including longer blades and other turbine components, into the existing center. Also, in the story KIOW aired last week, the company plans to improve or maintain secondary roads leading to and from the turbines where improvements will be made.