Holiday Tour of Lights Grows and is Recognized

Forest City now has another event that is gaining statewide attention. The Holiday Tour of Lights is gaining notoriety as one of the events to see. According to Heritage Farm Caretaker Dawn Arispe, she is seeing cars coming from not one, but two states to tour the festival.

The events is drawing a large number of cars and crowds according to Arispe.

According to Arispe, when the tourists drive up, the festival organizers take a donation and find out where the touring groups come from and how did they hear about the event. The event continues to draw tourists from throughout the region.

The festival has also gained recognition thru the Des Moines Register where it has been nominated as one of the top 10 things to do in Iowa during the holidays.

Donations are gladly accepted each year. In fact, the lights you see on the tour this year are not the same as last year.

Arispe is excited about the future of the event as attendees and those associated with the event.