What the Possible Federal Government Shutdown Would Mean Locally

President Trump has vowed that if does not get $5 billion for the border security wall between the United States and Mexico, he will shut down the government.

If the shutdown were to take place, the USDA would close each Farm Service Agency Office which would make them unavailable for consultations for area farmers and ranchers.

Area small business would not have access to the Small Business Administration. Those looking at or applying for federally assisted loans and technical assistance would not be able to get in touch with SBA officials.

With the recent uptick in providing housing for growing cities such as Eagle Grove, Garner, and Forest City there lies the problem of the closing of the Federal Housing Administration. Loans, approvals, applications, and loan processing would come to a stand still.

Community Development Block Grants could also go into limbo, unless the project has already been approved and awarded according to North Iowa Area Council of Governments or NIACOG’s Steve Wendt.

This would not affect the Community Development Block Grant project in Garner. According to Wendt, the city’s CDBG is safe from the federal shutdown.

  Federal government officials are continuing to work on the funding issue and avoid a shutdown. Senator Joni Ernst believes that there can be some sort of compromise on the issue.