King: Farm Bill Contains “Good Things” for Iowa Agriculture

Congressman Steve King, a member of the House Agriculture Committee, releases this video of remarks he delivered on the House floor this afternoon in support of the Farm Bill conference report. During his remarks, King specifically mentioned several of the important provisions he worked to insert into the legislation that will be of great benefit to producers in the 4th District.

Among the items King’s mentioned in his remarks as “good things” are the following items he worked to get included in the Farm Bill:

1) ARC Payments are now identified with the physical location of the farm;

2) $255,000,000 has been included for the Market Access Program and for Foreign Market Development, important programs which promote international trade;

3) The Farm Bill establishes a vaccine bank for Foot and Mouth Disease, and allows for the development and storage of GMO vaccines in the United States;

4) The Farm Bill increases the loan guarantee limits for young producers (Beginning Farmers) by substantial amounts;

5) The Farm Bill includes important “Genome to Phenome” research language which was a priority for Iowa State University.

The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on the Farm Bill Conference Report today.