Winnebago Board to Review Annexation Report

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet this morning beginning at 9am with a discussion on secondary roads. Winnebago County Engineer Scott Meinders will address the board on winter maintenance issues, repair work, and possible future projects for the road department.

The board will then consider an annexation report for Drainage District 11. The annexation is for tracts of land currently not incorporated into Drainage District 11, but drain into the district. The drainage lines need to be cleaned along with the lines they feed into in order to effectively drain. One of the landowners effected by the project wants to address the board on the project.

  The Winnebago County Conservation Board Director Robert Schwartz will ask the board for approval on the purchase of a mower for the Gruis Recreation Area. The board may approve the purchase or ask for further information.

The meeting will take place in the Supervisors Room of the Winnebago County Courthouse in Forest City.