Hancock County Supervisors & Cities talk E-911 dispatch fees

Discussion continues regarding what the cities in Hancock County will pay for the use of the county’s emergency 911 dispatch services. Recently, Garner City Administrator Randy Lansing presented the Hancock County Board of Supervisors with a 28E agreement in which the cities of Corwith, Crystal Lake, Goodell and Woden would be responsible for 15 percent of the annual dispatch fees and the larger cities of Britt, Garner, Kanawha and Wesley would be held responsible for 25 percent. Hancock County Supervisor Jerry Tlach tells how the board has decided to proceed.

Supervisor Tlach will meet with the county’s emergency management coordinator Andy Buffington and county attorney Blake Norman to put together what the county feels is a more equitable solution. Tlach breaks down why the board feels the Cities’ proposed 28E agreement is not fair for all involved.

In other recent county news: The Hancock County Board of Supervisors have begun preliminary discussion of sharing costs with the City of Britt to pave a road on the northwest corner of Britt. Tlach tells why working together on this project is a win-win for the county and the city of Britt.