Area Schools Watching Possible Extension of Sales Tax Law

The Iowa Association of School Boards along with every school district in the state are pushing for the Iowa Senate to pass the continuation of the SAVE one cent sales tax. The initiative is one of the legislative priorities in order to fund school district infrastructure. One of the districts who are actively supporting the cause is the Forest City Community School District. Superintendent Darwin Lehmann says the minimal tax is a major asset to district infrastructure funding.

Some school districts such the Atlantic Community School District have spent over $15 million on infrastructure projects. Other districts throughout the state have budgeted and spent money on infrastructure too. However, the Legislature has not moved forward on renewal of the tax before it sunsets. The concern centers around the state Senate which has held up the bill according to Lehmann.

School districts, by law, cannot move state allotted money around from one designated budget category to another seperate budget category. So, when state money is allocated to school supplies and teaching, it cannot be moved to infrastructure.

Governor Kim Reynolds has indicated that she would sign the continuation of the one cent sales tax or SAVE measure if the Legislature were to finally pass it.



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