Winnebago County Performs Election Audit

On Wednesday, November 14, 2018 three citizens conducted the first post-election audit under a new law designed to monitor and protect election processes.  Each member of the post-election audit board represented either the Republican or Democratic parties. Auditor Karla Weiss announced the audit results were a perfect match to the results recorded on election night. 

Iowa law now requires a post-election audit after each general election.  The Secretary of State will randomly choose one precinct in each Iowa County to be audited.  County Auditors must then supervise a hand count of the ballots from the selected precinct and compare the results from the presidential or gubernatorial election, depending on the year, to the voting machine count from election night. 

Auditor Weiss stated, “The new law is a response from concerns about hacking.  Since election computers are not connected to the internet, hacking would be nearly impossible.  This new law should strengthen the confidence Winnebago County voters have in the integrity of the election process.”