Worth County Sheriff’s Office Closes Down a Local Puppy Mill

The Worth County Sheriffs Office closed down what is allegedly a large scale puppy mill located just east of I-35  at 1071 Highway 9. The mill is located behind the home of Barb Kavars and was estimated to house nearly 170 Samoyed dogs. The kennel is doing business as White Fire Kennels of Manly. According to Sheriff Dan Fank, the ASPCA had to be called in.

Fank and other authorities had been trying to work with Kavars in order to keep conditions safe for the animals, but the situation grew worse with the changing of the season. Fank said that the number one concern was to make sure the dogs were safe, fed, and medically attended to.

Worth County Sheriff and the ASPCA remove over 170 dogs found in a puppy mill.

When officers and the ASPCA arrived on the scene, they may have made a low estimate of the number of dogs kenneled.

Fank and ASPCA authorities had to deal with not only the kenneled dogs, but also those who were penned up.

According to officials, an investigation was set into motion after local animal welfare groups learned of the breeders inability to take care of the animals properly. Kavars was previously licensed by the USDA even though it became evident that adequate veterinary care, food, clean water and  sheltering were not being done.

Fank stated that circumstances like this can be witnessed and reported by neighbors. Those who see alleged puppy mills or difficult conditions for animals should report it to the authorities.

A second ASPCA emergency animal transport arrives to transport some of the over 170 dogs in the mill.

ASPCA officials such as Tim Rickey stated that the dogs will be taken to an undisclosed location to be taken care of so they can be adopted out.

The road to recovery for the dogs is possible, but they have gone through a lot says Rickey.

The ASPCA brought in several trucks to remove the dogs for care and protection. Meanwhile, the Worth County Sheriffs Office maintains that an investigation is continuing.