NORTH IOWA OUTDOORS: Apprentice Hunting Licenses

If you know someone who would like to try hunting and has not yet taken a hunter safety course, the Apprentice License could be a way for you to introduce him or her to the activity.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Apprentice License costs $30 for a resident ($123 for nonresidents) and can be purchased online or from any license retailer. 

2.It waives the need for a hunter education certificate. Like the Youth Hunting License, the person must be under the direct supervision of a licensed hunter. For more details, visit the DNR’s Learn to Hunt web page and click on the tab for the Apprentice License.

3. It can be purchased up to two times (for example, this year and next year) and then the person must go through hunter education classes to purchase future hunting licenses

4. The Apprentice License is meant for people over age 16.

5.  Both residents and nonresidents can purchase an Apprentice License. However, only residents can also purchase deer or turkey tags along with it.

6. You can purchase the Apprentice License for another person. You just need to know his/her social security number AND date of birth. OR if they have purchased a privilege in the past like a fishing license, their DNR ID number works (this can be found on their current license).