Worth County Election Results

The Worth County Election results a change in one seat and uncontested races in others. First in the Board of Supervisors District 1, Merlin Bartz lost to Aaron A. J. Stone. Bartz  received 430 votes while Stone got 669. In District #3 Kenneth Abrams returns as Supervisor with 676 votes while challenger Stephen Converse  got 496.

Jake Hanson won uncontested as County Treasurer with 3,219 votes. The County Recorder will be Teresa Olson with 3,045 votes in an uncontested race. The County Attorney will be Jeffrey Greve in an uncontested race and receiving 2,845 votes. There were 78 write in ballots.

Township races saw a number of seats. The Barton Township Trustees will be Dennis Meyer and Joe E. Mydegger who ran uncontested for the two available seats. The Barton Township Clerk will be Pamela Meyer who ran uncontested and got 91 votes. The Bristol Township Trustees will be Eliot Evans and Daniel Martinson who both got 108 votes. Bruce Burdick won the Bristol Township Clerk position with 103 votes in an uncontested race. The Brookfield Township Trustees will be both Randy Hengestad and Dean Moretz in two uncontested seats. William Imlau will fill the Brookfield Township  Trustee vacancy with 108 votes in an uncontested race.

There were no candidates running in the Brookfield Township Clerk position, although there were 12 write in votes. The Danville Township Trustees will be Justin Faber and Joe Thompson who ran uncontested for the two seats. The clerk position was won by Kevin Knudson who ran uncontested. The Deer Creek Township Trustee will be Ron Davidson who ran uncontested for one of two seats. There were 6 write in votes. The clerk position saw no candidates file for the race, but there were 6 write in votes.

The Kensett Township races saw Roger Harris and Ken Parcher take the two seats in an uncontested race. The Clerk position did not have a candidate, but there were 12 write in votes. The Lincoln Township Trustees are Dennis Dahl and Dennis Kruger who took the two available seats in uncontested races. Brad Dietrich will be the clerk in the township by winning an uncontested race. The Silver Lake Trustees will be Larry Maher and Eric Nelson who won two uncontested seats while the Clerk will be Allan Wogen who won an uncontested race.

The Union Township Trustee races saw Philip Hackbart take one of the two available seats. There were no candidates for the second seat. The Clerk will be William Brochardt who won an uncontested race for the post. The Soil and Water District Commissioners will be James Iverson and Russell Olson in two uncontested races. The five County Agricultural Extension Council seats were filled by Sarah Hagen, Andy Helgeson, Jayne Lupkas, Curtis Schaub, and Jacob Urbatsch. All judges at the Appeals level were retained.