Feedsack Program is Today in Buffalo Center

A special event is taking place today in the Heritage Town Center in Buffalo Center. The Buffalo Center Historical Society is hosting a program beginning at 2pm entitled, “The Feedsack Story:Joys and Tears in the Apron Strings.” The program will be followed y coffee and fall desserts. The Heritage Museum exhibit “Grandma’s Kitchen” will also be open for the last time.

“The Feedsack Story’ is a new program by Yvonne Cory from Easton, Minnesota, which will cover memories, stories, and aprons involved in the textile sack evolution. For many centuries, barrels were used to transport and store all kinds of goods, but when the sewing machine was invented, textile bags became a solution for some of the challenges of wooden barrels. The program tells the trials and tribulations of using the textiles as a way of life in the early 1800’s and continuing well into the hard times of the 1930’s and 1940’s and up to the 1960’s

The program is free and open to the public.