Farm Driveway Widths and Lengths Discussed by Winnebago Supervisors

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors and the County Roads Department are considering what the proper width of driveways should be for rural businesses and farms. Currently, Winnebago County Engineer Scott Meinders and his department allow for driveways to be 45 feet in width. It has been a general standard set up by the department for all rural properties. However, the board had to deal with a request from Fleener Properties LLC located at 10379 420th Street in Thompson. The request asked that the driveway width be extended to 100 feet which would be double the current criteria according to Meinders.

Fleener Properties has already constructed the driveway and while there are no visible dangers or obstructions, they later learned by accident that there were driveway size regulations.

The supervisors proposed the idea of changing the policy on a case by case basis. The idea is to accommodate for bigger farm machinery and equipment, trucks, and haulers. Supervisor Terry Durby provided an example.

As for the 45 foot rule remaining rigid, Supervisor Mike Stensrud offered a suggestion.

The board considered all the options and approved the driveway size as it is at 100 feet, citing that the construction was completed and it was an honest mistake to build it that size.