Hancock County Cities Begin Approving Communication Fees Agreement

Since a tumultuous meeting between Hancock County residents and the Board of Supervisors over merging 911 dispatch services with Winnebago County, much progress has been made, but it is not a done deal yet. The cities in Hancock County asked that the 911 dispatch remain within Hancock County which the supervisors agreed to. The board then fired off a series of fees for 911 dispatch services which were much higher than before. The cities then responded by banding together to come up with their own fee or rate schedule. According to Randy Lansing, City Administrator for Garner, that agreement is being accepted by almost all Hancock County cities.

The four larger cities in the county were expected to pay more in fees than those of the other cities. The figures were arrived on based on population. Those who were over 500 would have pay larger sums than those below 500. The new agreement is actually cheaper for the cities according to Lansing.

The agreement gives the cities the chance to back out if necessary and if rates need to be increased or changed, the county and cities must come to a new agreement.

Woden and Klemme will be approached for their approval before the agreement is presented to the Hancock County Board of Supervisors for approval






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