Hancock County Property Value/Costs Cause Controversy


The former Duncan Heights property and what to do with it caused a heated debate in the Hancock County Supervisors Chambers on Monday.  The board held a public hearing to consider the resolution to accept the $131,000 bid from Jeremy and Elaine Bossard of Garner to purchase the property.  The property which houses the former Duncan Heights Assisted Living facility, was recently surveyed at just under 10 acres.

The property has been for sale since 2016 when Duncan Heights, Inc., an agency that serves persons with disabilities, relocated their clients to traditional homes in compliance with federal mandates.

A few residents of Hancock County cited land value and “their vision for a future county shed” as concerns for not wanting the county to sell the property.  Democratic Candidate for Supervisor Donny Schleusner of Garner was not in favor of the sale, and questioned the Supervisors on who bid the quote for demolishing the former Duncan Heights facility.


Hancock County Supervisor Ron Sweers rebutted with the following.

After questioning the board where the $100,000 quote came from, Schleusner said he knew where it came from.

All this stems from a comment made by Hancock County Supervisor Jerry Tlach to KIOW on October 2, which does not say anything about a demolition quote.

After about 45 minutes of debating costs to bulldoze the site, the final vote was to sell the Duncan Heights property.