City Ends Bid to Build a Mini Mart/Coffee House Near the Fine Arts Center

The Forest City Council meeting on Monday afternoon provided an answer to those who were concerned about the possibility of retail businesses entering onto the theater and sports district of the city. The Farris family who currently own Sids on Highway 69 were considering the idea of building a retail business next to the new Boman Fine Arts Center. The idea was to serve residents nearby and cater to students at the university.

In a public forum two weeks ago, the council heard arguments both pro and con on the merits of the idea. Concerns ranged from a lowering of property values, to bright lighting, to the convenience of a walk up store. The city council decided to move the issue forward into a second reading in order to give time to research the issue.

The council met at noon on Monday to again tackle the issue, however this time, no vote was taken as there was no motion to forward it to a third reading. The non-action in this case meant that the city would not go forward and approve the re-zoning of the property and ends the possibility of the store becoming a reality for now according to Forest City Mayor Byron Ruiter.


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