With the Rain Comes the Possibility of Mold in Field Cord

The continued wet weather may prove to be problematic for farmers wanting to harvest their crops. Iowa State University Extension Grain Quality Specialist, Charlie Hurburgh believes the wet conditions add a new issue to the harvest.

The wet conditions led to growth issues that are now showing up as farmers head to the fields.

The Iowa State grain quality specialist says the condition of this year’s grain is slightly below last year’s harvest.

Hurburgh adds that the quality of the grain may deteriorate if we continue to have cool wet days, as there really hasn’t been a lot of natural drying days.

He says soybeans are seeing similar problems with high moisture levels. Hurburgh says for long-term storage of grain, corn moisture needs to be around 15 percent moisture, and for soybeans, the moisture content should be around 10 to 12%.

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