Winnebago Relay for Life Returns to 3rd in the Nation

Over the past four years, the Winnebago County Relay for Life has achieved notoriety as one of the top ten fund raising programs in the United States. The county is judged by the number of people within the county and the amount that is collected. The per capita average is then ranked among other counties nationwide of like size.

Winnebago County has been consistent as a county that raises more money than most every county in the United States. Winnebago County Relay Chairperson Carolyn Sunde says that the relay teams that raise money continually come up with new ideas.

As a result of all the hard work, Relay for Life Coordinator for Northern Iowa Steve Lovick has some exciting news.

The Winnebago Relay for Life Committee will be officially recognized for their efforts in a formal ceremony in a few weeks. This is third time in as many years that the committee has finished in the top 5 nationally and the fourth year in a row they have finished in the top 10.