Board Holds Off Paranormal Group…For Now

It started as a hospital in Winnebago County. Then it was converted into a county jail. When mold, space, and security became questionable, the county residents voted to shut it down in favor of a new larger correctional facility. Now the building sits quietly waiting for its next designation.

There are those who believe entities are trapped in the building unable to resolve their spiritual condition. Tales of hauntings have never been substantiated, but one group wants to try. The Ministers of the Haunted wanted to spend a night in the jail to see if there were ghosts or spirits bound within the confines of the building.

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors worked closely with Winnebago County Sheriff Dave Peterson on whether such a project should commence. The major concern was health reasons. In some parts of the jail, there is a significant amount of mold in the building from rains getting into the walls. Utilities in the building are turned down to a bare minimum and the conditions would not be safe for ghost hunters to wander around or sleep in.

The board has decided to hold off the ghost hunt until safety concerns are addressed.