Windmill Project Takes Further Steps to Reality

A windmill farm that would encompass both Winnebago and Kossuth County appears to be gaining traction in Winnebago County at least. EDF Renewables is in charge of the project which is a part of the Alliant Energy’s plan to add 1,000 megawatts to the Iowa power grid by 2020. Like other wind mill farms, the new windmills will add to the revenue base for the county according to Supervisor Bill Jensvold.

Revenue from the current windmills has been a big help in the construction and repair of county roads according to Supervisor Terry Durby.

Concerns were raised about the decommissioning of some of the older turbines. The fear was that the turbines would remain in the fields and be inactive. The supervisors assured the attendees that there were provisions to have them removed if necessary.

Because the board wanted to make sure the project criteria would not come back to later harm the residents and the county, the board has referred the project criteria to the County Attorney for further review and have table the measure until Tuesday next week.

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