King, Trump Hold Oval Office Meeting on China IP Theft, Trade, Ethanol

Congressman Steve King, a member of the House Agriculture Committee, released the following photo and statement following his meeting this afternoon with President Trump in the White House’s Oval Office. President Trump requested the meeting with Congressman King so that he could discuss adding elements of King’s legislative agenda to the President’s ongoing efforts to Make America Great Again (MAGA).

“The President’s agenda is being enacted, the economy is booming, and our country is winning again,” said King. “He deserves a great deal of credit for striking a new trade deal with Canada and Mexico (USMCA) that will greatly improve market access for America’s products. This achievement will be particularly welcomed by our farmers whose lifeblood is international trade.”

 “President Trump and I share a common interest in cracking down on Chinese IP theft, and in ending illegal immigration to our country. He believes, as do I, that several of my bills are a natural fit for his #MakeAmericaGreatAgain agenda, and we discussed things we could do together to get them enacted into law. President Trump was very gracious to invite me to the White House, and he was very generous with his time. I am pleased to report that the President has expressed a desire to advance specific items I have introduced, and I am hopeful that China will soon be paying a heavy price for stealing our intellectual property.”

Congressman King and President Trump were originally scheduled to meet in the White House for thirty minutes, but the positive exchange between the two men stretched to seventy-five minutes. During this time, the President expressed support for King’s bill cracking down on Chinese intellectual property theft (HR 1048) and King’s E-bonding legislation penalizing immigrants who overstay their visa (HR 6089). The two men also discussed the importance of opening foreign markets to increased exports of America’s agricultural goods, the need for year round E-15 sales, King’s efforts to bring the pro-life “Heartbeat Protection Act” (HR 490) to a vote in this session of Congress, and King’s legislation eliminating tax deductions for businesses who employ illegal aliens (HR 176).