Council Discusses Addition of Coffee and Mini Mart to Theater and Athletic District

The Forest City Council held a public hearing on Monday night to allow community residents to speak either for or against allowing a coffee and mini mart into what is known as  a “Residential Multi-Family Optional” area or RMO. Forest City Byron Ruiter said there were about 40 people at the meeting in the Emergency Services Center.

Ruiter said Mary Farus and her husband are considering a store and coffee shop on the said property near the soon to be completed Boman Fine Arts Center. He mentioned that he will recommend a traffic engineering study to be commissioned for that area of town.

Ruiter said there was some uncertainty as to what might actually be potentially occupying the property in question.

The Mayor said the first reading of the ordinance was read on Monday night.

The first reading passed by a 4-3 roll call vote. The vote was Brad Buffington of the 2nd Ward saying no, Dan Davis of the 4th Ward saying yes, Ron Holland of the 1st Ward said yes, Tony Mikes who is an At Large Councilman said yes, Pherson of the 3rd Ward said no, Karl Wooldridge who is an At Large Councilman voted yes, and Denny Zerhen who is an At Large Councilman voted no.

Ruiter said that there were four RMO Districts in Forest City where such exceptions could occur, but there is a check and balance system in place for anyone considering a special use.

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