Belmond-Klemme Student Found With a Knife

A student attending Belmond-Klemme High School found a folding knife in his backpack on Monday afternoon, October 1, 2018. He allegedly withdrew the knife from his backpack in order to show it to classmates.

A teacher assistant was allegedly shown the knife, and the student allegedly made inappropriate comments and gestures toward her. No one was hurt in the incident. The office was notified at once, and the student was immediately separated from all students and staff.

“The student was removed from the classroom,” said Greg Fisher, high school principal. “We recognize this was unacceptable behavior, and we needed to first ensure the safety of all our students and staff.”

Belmond Law Enforcement was notified and responded within moments. Authorities confirmed the inappropriate nature of this incident. They have the incident under investigation.

“We are cooperating fully with law enforcement,” said Fisher. “We have deep and abiding concern for how an incident like this could affect our students. The welfare of our students comes first, and we will respond with their best interests at the forefront.”

The identity of the student is being withheld at this time due to the legal requirement of confidentiality for student records.

The district continues to investigate this issue. The student has been excluded from the school while the investigation is on-going.

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