September Proves to be Wetter and Warmer Than Normal Locally

Flooding near Westown Place in Forest City

Many Iowans who turned their calendars to October yesterday are hoping this month will be much drier than September. State Climatologist Justin Glisan says several cities recorded their wettest-ever September.

Statewide, on average, Iowa received around 7.8 inches of rainfall in September. That’s about 4.5 inches above normal for the month.

The northeast corner of Iowa received the most rain, about 12-inches above normal for September. In the Forest City area, the total amount of rain received for the month was 11.24 inches when the normal amount is 3.24 inches. This left the area 8.17 inches above normal.

Although the end of the month was cold, there were also some very warm temperatures posted across the state over the month.

The statewide average temperature in September was 66 degrees, about three-degrees warmer than normal. In Forest City, the average high was 75.1 degrees whole the normal is 72.9 degrees. As a result, the area was  2.2 degrees warmer than normal for highs. Lows saw the area average 53.6 degrees when the normal is 50.1. This left the area averaging 3.5 degrees warmer than normal for overnight lows.

There was a 66-degree swing between the highest and lowest temps recorded around the state.

According to Glisan, Iowa posted above average temperatures on 17 of the 30 days in September.