Kanawha Christian Academy is Looking for Donations to Fix Their Facilities

Kanawha Christian Academy

If one were to walk the grounds of the Kanawha Christian Academy, formerly the Kanawha Christian School, one would be moved by the history of the grounds. It remains present in the walls and the halls of the academy. It has served the communities since the 1950’s and has churned out graduates who have gone on to productive careers. The school was formed by members of the Kanawha Christian Reformed Church and the Wright Christian Reformed Church in order to bring Christian education to the area. At the time, the school was thought to maybe bring down enrollment in the public education institutions in the area including Kanawha’s. That never materialized and the school has held its place in the community ever since.

The buildings for the school have seen a number of years and now they are beginning to show their age. In recent tornadic like winds, the roof was lifted enough and has begun to develop cracks where water leaks in and runs down walls and into carpets.

Water leaks onto ceiling tile in one of the classrooms.

The water leakage has found its way onto the offices and onto the carpeted floors of the school.

Carpets stained by rainwater according to school officials.

Some of the classrooms have already been repaired. New carpeting and refurbished walls are now in place where storm damage had taken its toll.  These are now in use by students and faculty alike as the school year moves on.

Buchannan Hernandez’ students take a moment to show off their refurbished classroom. Hernandez hails from Waldorf University.

The repairs to the roof and walls will total over $40,000, but the school needs to find donors who are willing to help. Dr. Frederick Umar recently took the post of Administrator for the school. Having worked extensively in the collegiate world, he has taken his experience and put it to work trying to find funding to cover the cost of the repairs. Umar is reaching out to every resource he can find.

Along with the interior and roofing of the school, sidewalks around the school are in need of repair too. Some of the sidewalks have not seen work done since they were first laid in place.

Sidewalks that lead to the playground behind the buildings.

The playground is also another area of concern for Umar, the faculty, and staff at the school. According to Umar and other staff members, the equipment on the playground will eventually need to be replaced. The swing set cross bar begins to bend when all three swings are in use. Jungle gym equipment also faces the same issue.

The playground equipment does have some new pieces which are used by students, but Umar is looking at the safety perspective for all students. He plans on keeping the grassy areas for safety reasons and easier maintenance. He would like to put safety rubber under some of the pieces to protect the children.

The gymnasium did not escape repair needs. Water also found its way into the facility causing further need for repairs. Work continues to be done on the facility and is nearing completion.

The American flag hangs by one rung on the nearly refurbished gym.

Umar encourages those who are interested in helping out, to contact the academy for further details. Umar, the faculty, and staff will be available at the academy’s Harvest Sale this Saturday.  KIOW’s Roger Tveiten has more details on the event.